Sexy lingerie proposal including bra and bottoms. Among our collection of sets you can also find three-piece options. They have garter belt which makes a perfect combination with stockings.

Check out the exceptionally alluring sets made out of pearls or zircon jewels – they make for a spectacular effect!

And if you prefer a classic set with spicy details… choose half-bra or crotchless bottoms!

Set will be a great choice if you are interested in:

  • classic lingerie in sexy style,
  • accentuated bust and derriere,
  • possibility to add stockings for fantastic legs look.

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Chemise & dresses


This collection was designed especially for confident women! Tight-fitting design embraces the body and emphasizes feminine curves. Tempting patterns and cuts additionally accentuate seductive look.

Check out seamless, knitted dresses. Stretchy fishnet fantastically fits the body! Now let’s go farther. Here you can find dresses made out of smooth fabric and lace or glossy material.

Dress is the right choice if you dream about:

  • hot style lingerie,
  • close-fitting designs showing body shape,
  • sexy, night outfits that expose quite a lot.

If you prefer subtle designs or want to conceal some body imperfections and get a perfect look – try our chemises or babydolls.

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Subtle robe in airy design and made out of incredibly nice to touch material. It covers the body with delicate elegance. You can tie it with a belt or ribbon and uncover just as much as you want.

Stronger tying guarantees sexy, accentuated waist and brings out feminine body look. Wanna prepare an exciting surprise? Combine the peignoir with tempting lingerie hidden underneath!

Peignoir is just for you if you’re looking for:

  • sensual outfit covering hot lingerie,
  • light body look,
  • airy design concealing some imperfections.

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Beginning your adventure with Obsessive lingerie? Chemise will be perfect! Hourglass-shaped design (well-fitted top and bottom) accentuates feminine body curves – from bust down to derriere.

Soft cups subtly embrace breasts and ensure great wearing comfort. Lifted and emphasized bust? This is how chemises with underwire and padded cups work. For a spicier look, try chemises made out of sheer, see-through fabrics – they show a little more!

Chemise will be the best choice if you’re looking for:

  • perfect-for-the-start lingerie,
  • delicately fitting design,
  • subtly highlighted body lines.

You prefer airy lingerie? See our babydoll collection!

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Airy, A-shaped lingerie. Loose, flared design subtly covers hips and conceals some imperfections. Smart, isn’t it?

Check out babydolls that have a front slit – they seduce with temptingly exposed belly. The ones with soft cups easily adjust to breasts shape and give full comfort. Underwire and padded babydolls lift and accentuate bust.

Choose babydoll if you like:

  • lingerie with light bottom,
  • airy design,
  • sexy, emphasized bust.

Looking for lingerie that emphasizes the whole body shape? Go for the collection of chemises or dresses.

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Corsets & teddies

Soft corset

This collection was designed especially for confident women! Tight-fitting design embraces the body and emphasizes feminine curves. Tempting patterns and cuts additionally accentuate seductive look.

Subtle style corset! It’s like a sexy combination of chemise and garters which becomes incredibly tempting when you add stockings.

Comfortable, ideally fitting material fantastically emphasizes feminine shapes. Corsets with detachable garters give you two options – you can choose whether you want to have it with stockings or without stockings. Both versions look just amazing!

You should definitely try soft corset if you like:

  • combination of sexy lingerie and stockings,
  • sensual design enveloping the body,
  • subtly accentuated feminine shapes.

Looking for lingerie with modeling solutions?
Check out the collection of stiff corsets.

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Stiff corset

Lingerie for a real coquette! Stiffened material, fitting lacing and vertical boning make for a perfect fit, waist slimming effect and bust accentuation.

Corsets fastened with clasps or zips are easy to put on and take off. Thanks to them, you can adjust the corset using special lacing only once and have a well-fitted outfit forever!

Choose stiff corset if you like:

  • exceptionally emphasized breasts and waist,
  • stiffening that brings out tempting body look,
  • close-fitting material.

Subtler designs are waiting for you in the collection of soft corsets.

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Sexy combination of top and panties. Delicate and often sheer material gently embraces the body and exposes feminine shapes. Uncovered thighs, optically lengthened legs and accentuated hips and derriere curves – this is how it works!

This collection offers light version teddies as well as the very hot ones. Take a look at intriguing teddies made out of elastic strips, fishnet, lace, glossy material or… tiny pearls enlacing the body! Looking for lingerie with a spicy surprise? Check out our crotchless teddies.

Teddy will make your dreams come true if you like:

  • uncovered (up to hips area!) and optically lengthened legs,
  • tempting hips look,
  • close-fitting material.

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Full cut type of bottoms. Delicate, elastic material covers most of derriere and perfectly fits its shape. Shorties conceal some derriere imperfections and guarantee sexy look.

Check the ones with our ComfyCut solution. Special design of sewing lines gives full wearing comfort and makes buttocks look even better!

Choosing shorties you get:

  • subtle bottoms that nicely cover derriere,
  • lingerie that adorns the whole buttocks.

Wanna expose more? Try our panties or thongs.

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Hottest style bottoms which uncover the whole derriere. Thongs expose the full sex appeal of female buttocks.

Take a look into our collection. There’re plenty of subtle, classic designs as well as exceptionally tempting ones. And for a very special look – check out thongs with intriguing holes, double strips or zircon adornments.

Choose thong if you like:

  • uncovered and seductively adorned derriere,
  • fully exposed buttocks.

And how about… thongs in the spiciest version? Try the open crotch! Wanna go the opposite way towards sexy but subtler derriere look? Obsessive panties or shorties are there for you.

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Classic style bottoms which temptingly expose part of derriere and accentuate its sexy shape

This collection has both classic panties and panties that are spiced up with seductive holes or adorable jewels. If you’re looking for comfort, perfect fit and subtle look – Obsessive panties are the best choice! The ones with ComfyCut icon have a special design of sewing lines that makes for pleasurable wearing and amazing derriere look.

This is what panties give you:

  • classic and incredibly sexy bottoms,
  • gently uncovered buttocks.

Panties with a spicy surprise? Take a look into crotchless panties collection.

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Bodystocking i stockings


Wanna take your pleasure to the next level? Try bodystocking – incredibly hot lingerie with an open crotch! It enlaces the whole body with tempting fishnet. You can enjoy our 3SKnit solution – seamless knitting technique that makes for full wearing comfort and perfect look.

Soft, elastic fabric stretches just as much as you need. This see-through knitwear fantastically exposes all parts of female body. An exceptionally seductive version? Try bodystockings with strips imitating garters. They make thighs and derriere look so sexy!

Go for bodystocking if you like:

  • knitted lingerie in naughty designs,
  • fishnet covering the whole body,
  • exciting “wow” effect.

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Garter stocking

Lingerie that combines garter belt and stockings. Stretchable fishnet enlaces female body from hips down to feet.

p>Garter stockings attracts with accentuated hips, uncovered derriere and exposed legs. Sexy cuts and fancy patterns are additional, seductive aspects – thanks to them the body looks incredibly tempting!


Garter stockings will work best for you if you’re looking for:

  • knitted alternative to garter belt and stockings,
  • elastic fishnet embracing the body,
  • good-looking derriere and legs.

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Garter belt

Lingerie component designed for supporting stockings with adjustable garters.

Our collection has both classic and modern designs as well as garter belts adorned with eye-catching details. You can choose among shiny jewels, lacy adornments, bows and satin lacing.

Garter belt gives you:

  • ideal item to be combined with stockings,
  • tempting complement to woman’s lingerie,
  • little thing adding plenty of sex appeal.

To make a perfect combination, go to our stockings collection. Looking for an alternative to garter belt? Check out garter stockings.

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